Shower Sandals

Why shower shoes?

There's plenty of things to worry about in life, and the communal shower floor shouldn’t have to be one of them; don’t embark on your travels without a pair of our high quality shower sandals in your bag. Women shower sandals are essential for any college dorm, gym or beach; ours will keep your feet comfortable, secure, and shower-floor bacteria free. 

With our years of experience making quality women shower sandals, we’re certain you’ll love their look as much as their quality and durability.

Common Kaiback Shower Sandal Users

Our products are often sent to people with similar needs. Some of the most common customers that we see are:

  1. Military members needing a simple pair of our men's shower shoes to keep your feet safe and clean.
  2. College and university students who live in the dorms or who use other public shower facilities on a regular basis who don't want to contract communicable diseases.
  3. Frequent gym-goers and other health enthusiasts that care about the health and well-being of their more distal appendages. 
  4. The world traveler that wisely isn't so sure about foreign shower situations. 

Why our shower shoes?

What you'll love About Our Women's Shower Sandals:

  • Antimicrobial non-slip sole design - Don't settle for a pair shower shoes that leaves you slipping and sliding all over the place. Our shower sandals offer great traction compared to many knock-off shower sandal brands. 

  • Fun colors and cute designs - We know that a pair of shower sandals won't be your go-to fashion accessory and that's okay. We still did our best to make them attractive and offer a variety of colors. 

  • Comfortable contouring sole design - Our customers have told us on a number of occasions that they use their shower sandals a lot more than just in the shower. They comfortable soles will help give your feet the comfort that you want and the support they deserve.

  • Durable and waterproof rubber body - it may seem like a no-brainer that any type of sandal designed for taking showers in should be waterproof, but many companies offer foam or other absorbent materials as the base of their sandals. This not only makes them squishy and soggy later but also makes them hold on to nasty bacteria that you take with you. Super gross, I know. Our shower flip flops are 100% water resistant so you leave the nasties where the nasties belong. 

  • Quality, durable construction - We think it should be pretty expected that things you invest in are well-made. Our shoes are made from quality materials and are built to last a good amount of time. 

  • Light-weight, portable and convenient - Our sandals are designed to go wherever you need them to go. Gym bag, suitcase, you name it. You can keep your feet safe from all the nastiness wherever you're going without having to increasing your baggage fees. 

  • Excellently priced - Never pay for an overpriced piece of rubber because it's from some big name brand. Our shower sandals have all the quality and comfort you could possibly want without the ridiculous price tag. You're welcome, it's simply what we do. 

  • Dedication to our customers - Perhaps most importantly, we really care about our customers and want you to be satisfied with our products.