Kaiback Kickback Fitted - Blue Plaid

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I’m going to tell you how to wear a men's button down shirt. For you see our casual men's shirt is very complicated and requires instructions. Step One: put your arms through the designated arm holes and if you get stuck you’re required to lift up your restrained arms, pull them towards your chest and then proceed to act  like a T-Rex for a solid three minutes. Step Two: begin buttoning up the shirt, once you have reached the top undo it because you’re one button off and have to re-button the entire shirt over again. Step Three: Lovingly stroke the shirt because it’s so soft and you can’t help but wonder “Is this shirt 100% cotton twill material?” yes, yes it is. Step Four: roll up the sleeves and use our sleeve anchors to keep them in place before you slap someone. We understand how annoying it can be when your in the middle of slapping someone and your sleeves come unrolled. Step 10: strut around town and look at how jealous people get when they realize that your shirt fits you perfectly because it’s fitted, and you were probably “chatting online with babes all day” because you look super fly.