Kaiback Soft-Tees - Blue Jean

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Grab a hold of your sweet ice teas ladies and gents because here comes our blue jean Kaiback soft tee. If you thought our shirt didn’t include a 50/50 cotton/poly blend for those southern belles to touch than bless your heart. This shirt is so soft it will bring all the ladies to your yard, no milk shake needed.

Is your current long sleeve shirt hindering you from taming a wild stallion? Well fret not because with our blue jean tee we have built in short set-in sleeves so that you can tame as many horses as you please without any interference from your clothes. You will be as happy as a lark when you hear that our shirt has a ribbed no choke collar and double-stitch hems to avoid unraveling. Not only will you look all gussied up but you will be shocked when you see that our shirt also includes a taped neck and shoulder seems for durability, this is so when you are knee deep in mud and hog tying a pig your shirt has that extra strength to stay together.