The MissionShoe - Slip-On Deluxe

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Our Fourth Generation Slip-On.  Our slick leather upper conceals the elastic cross-beam that secures the shoes snugly onto the foot of the endleass walking missionary.  Perfect for Asian and Pacific missions.  Please note that since you can't sinch down the laces, this style is more spacious.

  • -All Leather Upper
  • -Bompel Brand Dual Density Sponge Polyurethane Comfort Sole
  • -Rugged Tread
  • -Reinforced Thermoplastic Toe
  • -Non-Slip / Oil Resistant Sole
  • -Seamless Sole-to-Upper Construction
  • -Anti-Bacterial Insert
  • -Comfort Stuffed Tongue and Ankle Support
  • -14oz per Shoe Average Weight