ak-rô-nym by Kaiback | The "Made Up Acronym" Game

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Put down your phone and LOL.

Humanity lives in a world where acronyms run as rampant as kangaroos on an Australian highway.  Everywhere you turn someone is ROFL or taking a prize FTW… IMHO

These days, it’s becoming harder to exercise our minds without visual stimuli (tv & video games). Board and card games have a surprising number of benefits, none the least of which being: lower stress; supporting the minds against cognitive dissonance and other brain diseases; speed up response time and cognitive skills, and support child development; ak-rô-nym is no exception.

A major side effect of playing family friendly games like ak-rô-nym, if done correctly, will be laughter. Laughter and ‘wind down’ time have proven effects on stress levels. When laughing in groups, the endorphin effect causes a bonding sense togetherness and safety.

When Teens, tweens, and even young adults play board games, it helps them exercise cognitive skills like problem solving. The main benefits of playing games can be found in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex, where complex thought and memory form. Games like ak-rô-nym help the brain retain and build cognitive associations well into old age too.

As Clean or As Dirty as you Want.

While other games (we're looking at you Cards Against Humanity) cater only to adults by focusing on the overtly risquéak-rô-nym leaves the door wide open. You can play with your college buddies, or with grandma, and choose how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go.

Geared toward a wide variety of audiences, ak-rô-nym is designed to provide a fun experience that allows players to choose the level of appropriateness... thus you won't find any FML's (Fun Mammal Languages) anywhere near this game, unless you add them yourself.

ak-rô-nym is the game to get in on the fun. Assemble your friends (4-10) and turn over three letter cards and a topic. Start the timer and let the fun begin. Each player has to come up with their best fictional ak-rô-nym, present it to the group, and the voting begins. Whoever takes home the most votes after 6 different rounds, wins! Each round has a different twist, making you fight for your points all the way to the bitter end (in fact, sometimes it's advantageous to have the least amount of points.)  Since you are playing to your audience in a vote-for-the-best answer, what can work on one place may not work in another.